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Our first assessment of a mobile game went like this

Idle Hooligans is a popular tycoon game made by a team from Serbia

Luka Miljuš

We found out about Starship Shield via Linkedin. We were intrigued when they sent us a message that our game “Idle Hooligans” was insecure.

The Starship Shield team suggested that we do a mobile penetration test so we can check the current security measures we’ve put in place. Despite the confidence I had in my team development skills, I gave Starship Shield a chance.

After the penetration test, they helped us fix some game-breaking vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit to cheat in the game and pirate the source code.

Thanks to Starship Shield, OOX is now one step ahead of our competition, maintaining both confidentiality and customer satisfaction. We can rest easily, knowing the security of our game is top-notch.

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