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Stop vulnerabilities once and for all.

Our Penetration Testing as a Service model helps you retain security while pushing new software at a faster tempo.


Secured Clients


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Who is PTaaS made for?

For software companies that want to stop trading
'Time to Market' speed for high quality security.

Product-Based Companies

For companies that focus on developing software solutions for their customers, where security is neglected for 'Time to Market' speed.

Service-Based Companies

For companies that provide software development services to others, where security doesn't always fit the margin of developing solutions.

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What changes with PTaaS?


This is your current experience with penetration testing

10 Days to start testing
  • Penetration testing is performed once or twice a year
  • Results are delivered as static reports
  • Lack of communication between developers and testers


This is what you could experience with PTaaS

2 Days to start testing
  • New features manually tested before deployment
  • Real-time progress-tracking and dynamic reports
  • Custom tailored guidance to fixing vulnerabilities

Create a strong security posture

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Gain access to our penetration testing services and take the first step towards fortifying your digital defenses.

Create Your Scope

Define the scope of what software you want to be tested, specifying areas of focus that matter most to your software.

Testing Phase

Our team of security engineers executes comprehensive penetration testing based on your defined scope.

Receive Results

Receive detailed reports outlining the vulnerabilities & issues found in the testing phase.

Fix Vulnerabilities

Receive custom tailored guidances to fixing vulnerabilities found in the testing phase.

Retesting Phase

Our team engages a retesting phase to validate implemented fixes, ensuring security and protection.

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