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Your first step to
outer-world security

We prioritize securing your critical digital assets based on your business needs. Afterward, we address every other potential attack vector, making you resilient to cyber-attacks.

Who Needs The
Security Launchpad?

Security Launchpad is a unique service offered to companies that want to deliver software fast and retain quality and security.

Your sign to stop hackers once and for all.

Product-Based Companies

For companies that specialize in developing and selling their own software solutions to clients. A place where security was always a traded for speed.

Outsourcing Companies

For companies that provide software development services to other companies. A place where security doesn't always fit in the development process.

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What Clients Say About Us

Android Blog

App IT - Web Application Assessment

Starship Shield found many vulnerabilities in our software that could enable hackers to steal customer data. Thanks to them, such incidents never happened and our software is now bulletproof.

Faruk Bavčić

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Android Blog

Boostroom - Web Application Assessment

Starship Shield helped us secure our gaming marketplace by finding many vulnerabilities & issues, then helping us patch them in time. Thanks to them, our customers are safe and their data is protected.

Alen Vlahovljak

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Android Blog

SklopiPosao - Web Application Assessment

We gave Starship Shield a chance at testing our application. They managed to find critical vulnerabilities leaving our customers at the mercy of hackers. Thanks to Starship Shield, we can now rest easy knowing our security is top-notch.

Ernad Bećirović

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Android Blog

Origin - Web Application Assessment

Despite their youth, Starship Shield team was exceptionally professional and time efficient. Their dedication surprised us. At the end we've received high-quality security solutions and helped us implement them in our new application

Nermin Ćatović

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After This Bundle You Will:

Greatly minimize the risk of a cyber attack

When your software is tested by our team and your developers are educated, chances of writing insecure code or having bad security practices are minimized.

Save time and money

If you truly commit to securing your customers data, you will gain leverage in the long-run, not having to spend money & time on recovering from cyber attacks

Begin working with enterprise companies

When your company gains a reputation for commiting to customer security, you will have better chances at working with enterprise companies.

Stop writing unsecure code

After we help your development team learn from their mistakes, correct security practices will be put in place to ensure no vulnerabilities.

Security Launchpad

Perfect for growing businesses that are looking to stop neglecting security

    Web Application Penetration Test
    Mobile Application Penetration Test
    Network Penetration Test
    Social Engineering Education
    Physical Penetration Test
    DevSecOps Consulting
  • Speed up the testing & remedy processes for 30% with our penetration test platform

Money Back Guarantee If Not Satisfied

We really appreciate your trust. If our services fall short of your expectations, we stand committed to a full refund.

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